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Sunday, February 6, 2011

This game, Minecraft, it's just killing me! It's sooo bloody addicting. I just walk around, do some farming, some digging and stuff and it supposed to be boring as hell, but actually it is fun. When I get to my PC first thing I do is to check my facebook, after that I turn Minecraft on and I'm gone for an hour or so.
It's weird but I think I'm kinda addicted :O


  1. Omg, I know how you feel.
    It's horrible.

    Not really, though, it's the greatest.

  2. really, ill start to play, then look at the clock and see its 4 AM :(

  3. It's a huge time sink, but I love it anyway.

  4. I have seen many blogs of minecraft. You are next man.

  5. Minecraft ftw. Made a big swastika once lol... got kicked :p