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Monday, January 31, 2011

What is Popes favourite song?

Funny, eh?

I'd like to ask you a question about ill-considered decisions.
Can you point out one that affected your life most?
I cannot, but I'm curious if you are able to pick just one that changed your whole life.
So tell me :)


  1. I told one of my good friends how I really felt about her. Now, we don't talk or hang out anymore. WAAHH

  2. I really need to explain? :D
    Pope is called Papa [Habemus papam, papamobile...) (I think it's in Italian).
    His Pope name is Benedict XVI, but his real name is Joseph Ratzinger.
    That's why its Papa Ratzi :D

  3. He's probably a Lady Gaga fan. Hmm... Probably having my first real relationship with a girl changed my whole life. But those kinda things have its ups and its downs. Which explains why i'm so jaded towards the opposite sex :p

  4. I don't have a single decision I regret!
    That feels good to say :-)

  5. I can't think of any big ill-decisions I've made. Maybe staying in a bad relationship too long some time ago. Aside from regret of a wasted youth, it has turned me into a more tolerant and patient person. I also learned things about people and myself that I may not have learned otherwise. So, I can't say that it was such a bad decision, but I suppose many people come to this reasoning when they reflect on "how they turned out."
    Following (: